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Virtual Classroom

GIS and 9-1-1 Database training is just a click away with SDR’s virtual classroom.  Our affordable classes cover a wide range of subjects that help you stay productive and output sound data appropriate for your end users. Our schedule and effective on-line classroom approach uses structured lessons followed by examples and demonstrations in ArcGIS.  You sit at your desk, use your computer and can even follow along using your data. All classes are instructor-led and question/answer time is built into each lesson.   Trainees receive presentation materials following the class by e-mail as well as the trainer’s contact information for follow-up questions.  As the
9-1-1 industry becomes even more dependent on GIS in an IP-based “Next Generation” world, our classes will help you stay current with changing technologies and with new ESRI and SDR software releases.

Computer/Internet Requirements

SDR web trainings are led by our trained instructors and consist of real-time lessons and GIS demonstrations.  Ample time is given for questions and answers and review materials are e-mailed to students following the class.  The classes contain both audio and video elements and require a high-speed internet connection and either a telephone or a computer microphone to join the audio conference.  Students can also interact with the instructor or other students through instant messaging.  SDR uses “GoToMeeting” for our web trainings.  The first time you use GoToMeeting, you will have to download a small interface application.  Please allow a few minutes to download this application before your first class.

Registration Information

To schedule a training class, call SDR at 785-842-0447.  SDR will work with you to schedule the class at a convenient time in your schedule.  

Billing Information

SDR will request your billing information when you schedule your training class. Invoices are mailed upon completion of the training class and are due within thirty days of receipt of invoice. Contact, 785-842-0447.

To schedule a class call 785-842-0447

AddressIt 2.3

Introduction to SDR’s AddressIt tools for ArcGIS 10. Also available: AddressIt 2.1 for
ArcGIS 9

2.0 hours
Mapbook for ArcGIS

Using the ArcGIS “data driven pages” tool to create mapbook grids and pages that can be printed off in PDF or JPG format.

2.0 hours
Introduction to ArcGIS

Introduction to ArcGIS: The fundamentals of GIS and the basics of ESRI ArcGIS desktop for Addressing, E9-1-1 and Public Safety users and applications.

2.0 hours
Annotation and Labeling

Creating and maintaining annotation layers to hold road name, address and other labels in a size and format appropriate for printed maps and map books.

1.0 hours
Special Topics in ArcGIS

SDR will answer your questions on most ArcGIS topics and show you how to get more out of your GIS experience. Tell us what you’d like to accomplish and we’ll help you succeed.

0.5 - 2.0 hours
cost dependant on
training duration

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